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Terms and conditions


The use of CELEBRITY CARD is subject at all time to the following Terms and Conditions:
(A) Card means the CELEBRITY CARD is issued by the company or its authorized sublicense (s), or such other card bearing the CELEBRITY mark issued by any third party which has been authorized by the company to use the VENUS mark. Card member means any person issued with the Card having his / her permanent Residence in Malaysia.

(B) Company means NEW VENUS TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD (Co. Reg. No. 720353-T), a company incorporated in Malaysia and having its office at No62-3-1,Jalan 6/18A, Taman Mastiara Off Batu 5, Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur.

(C) Residence means Card member's permanent home address or other premises in Malaysia as indicated in the Card member's application for CELEBRITY CARD.

(D) CELEBRITY CARD means CELEBRITY Card Auto Assist, a division of NEW VENUS TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD / Venus Auto Assist, providing auto assistance to card member's vehicle.

(E) Vehicle means any duly registered private vehicle under 3 tons unloaded weight (excluding trucks, taxi, commercial vehicle registered under Hire and Drive) belonging to the card member and subscribes to CELEBRITY Card or/and complying with the relevant provision, laws and regulation of the Road Transport Act 1987 of Malaysia.

The services mentioned in Section 2 are granted for a period of twelve (12) months during the period of validity of the card.

(A) TERRITORIAL LIMITS - The services mentioned in Section 3 shall be available throughout Malaysia excluding Sabah and Sarawak and all the Malaysia Island except Penang and Langkawi.

i. The Company shall not be held responsible for delays or impediment in the assistance due to strike, war, invasion, act of armed hostilities (regardless of a formal declaration of war), civil war, terrorism and civil commotion, radioactivity or any act of God or widespread catastrophe such as flood and earthquake or tidal wave. It is understood that the towing truck, workshop, garage, chauffeur and any kind of professional to whom the card member will be referred to by the company are for most part independent contracts responsible for their own act and not employees, agents or servants of the company.

ii. Furthermore, the company shall not be responsible for any act or failure to act on the part of those professionals such as, and not limited to, towing truck, workshop, garage, chauffeur, physician, technician and other professionals. However, the company shall be responsible for fulfilling efficiently the obligation mentioned in the agreement.

iii. The company will not be responsible for any expenses, fees or charges under the benefits mentioned herein which is on a need basis and all costs shall be borne entirely and directly by the client except Towing and Emergency Roadside Assistance (unlimited cases) which is payable up to RM200 overall per claim.

(a) The card member shall cooperate with CELEBRITY Card to enable retrieval of original document and receipts from relevant sources.

(b) LIMITATION ON ASSISTANCE CASES - Any cases with respect to an assistance event or the right to any legal action or claim shall be forfeited unless such claim is filed within 45 days of the occurrence of such event.

(c) DISPUTE - In the event of any dispute between the card member and the company, the card member agrees that such dispute shall be referred to the arbitration by the chief Executive Officer of the company, and that the decision of such arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties and shall not be the subject of any judicial review.



(a) The company shall not be held responsible for the Assistance in respect of any person who drives the vehicle who do not hold a valid license issued by a competent authority. Failure of the card member in providing his/her membership number upon the request of CELEBRITY Card or her representatives.

(b) Vehicle modified for racing, trials or participating in such activities.

(c) Any assistance cases arising where the vehicle is carrying more passengers or towing a greater weight than for which it was designed as stated in the manufacturer's specification or arising directly from or out of the unreasonable driving of the vehicle on unsuitable terrain.

(d) Vehicle in an unroadworthy condition at the commencement of the journey and which has not been regularly serviced in occordance with the manufacturer's instructions, but in whichever can not exceed six (6) months from the last maintenance services.

(e) Mechanical breakdown / immobilized due to lack of oil, engine lubricants, petrol, water, frost damage, central locking system failure, flat tyre , broken windscreen and the ignition key was accidentally left and locked from inside the vehicle.

(f) Power, riots or civil commotion.

SECTION 6 – GENERAL EXCLUSIONS (power, riots or civil commotion)
(a) Loss or damage directly or indirectly occasioned by or happening or in consequence of war, invasion, act of god, act of foreign enemies, hostilities whether war be declared or not, civil war, rebellion, insurrection, terrorism, military.

(b) Any expenses directly paid by the card member without prior authorization from CELEBRITY Card. Telephone charge, alternative transport fares and toll changes whilst rendering assistance. Labor charges and or repairs rendered in the premises of the workshop.

(c) Cost of spare parts, cost of services which are duly covered by Motor Insurance Policy and against which a claim from the insurance company concerned is also being made.

(d) Provision of service outside the territorial limits.

(e) Any damage to or theft of objects which are left in or outside the vehicle.

This insurance shall not apply to any bodily injury consequent upon or contributed to by:-
- Intentional self injury or suicide or attempted suicide or of a happening whilst the Insured is in a state of insanity or intoxification.
- The Insured engaging or taking part in aeronautics other than as a ticket-holding passenger in a aeroplane operated by a regular airline.
- Insured engaging in playing or practicing professional footbal, polo, racing of any kind etc.
- Insured engaging in or taking part in Naval Air Force or Military Service or operations or participating in operations planned or conduceted by the Civil or Military Authorities or a happening during service or duty with any armed force.
- Wilful exposure to injury provoked assault or attempt threat, pregnancy, childbirth, veneral diseases or any other diseases, or any pre-existing physical defect, disease or informity.
- Insured engaging in underwater activities with self sontained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba)
- Insured engaging in any criminal activities including directly or indirectly participating in an act of strike, riot and civil commotion.